For your tan you will stand in the overspray tanning booth where you will be custom sprayed by a spray tan artist. You will be left with an instant beautiful color, and your final tan will continue to develop for up to 24 hours. You will be advised not to rinse or get wet for at least 1-8 hours after depending on which tan is chosen with you. (1-5 hours for express, 6-12 hours for regular developing)


*Please note that the express tan does not give you your full tan in a shorter amount of developing time, but simply allows you to rinse your tan a lot quicker. Your tan is still developing into the next day.


1 Full Body Tan - $40

4 Tans - $120
Buy 3 get one FREE.
1/2 tan - $25
This service is for those who want a glow either from the waist down or the waist up.
1/4 tan -$15
For face & decollete only



BASIC - $70

2 tans + FREE Luxury Body Wash (0.5 oz)



2 tans + Luxury Body Wash (0.5oz)

+ NUDA Exfoliating Mitt

+ Mini HEMPZ Moisturizer



3 tans + HEMPZ Body Wash (8.5 oz)

+ NUDA Exfoliating Mitt

+ HEMPZ All Day Moisture (17 oz)