Tweezing is in - waxing is out!

Tweezing is the ultimate form of hair removal.  It gives the most precise line for shaping the perfect brow.

Intro special!

$28 Initial visit.

Initial consult & shaping - $35                 

Your first visit will consist of facial analysis where you will be assessed for the perfect eyebrow shape for your face in regards to face shape and eye set. Your brows will be sculpted with precise tweezing, and filling if required. You will also be given guidance for at-home maintenance between visits. It may take several maintenance appointments to get your brows to perfection.


Maintenance* - $25

The maintenance visit is for existing clients who have already undergone their initial consult and shaping. Your brows will be cleaned up and sculpted to perfection. Home care will be reviewed as needed.


*advised every 4-6 weeks, visits longer than 6 weeks are subject to an initial visit charge of $35

  • There are contraindications with waxing (eg. certain medications).

  • Causes premature aging of the skin.

  • Hair is removed against the natural hair growth causing more pain and possible bleeding.

  • Not a good method to create a precise line on the brow.

  • If the wax is too hot or too cold the skin came come off with the wax.

  • Waxing is suitable for large areas of hair removal.

vs. waxing

Why tweeze?

  •  Most precise method for hair removal.

  • Gives the most precise line for brow shaping.

  • No contraindications. This method can be used on sensitive or chemically treated skin.

  • Hair removal is done in the direction of hair growth, resulting in the least painful method of hair removal.

  • Brows keep their shape, with less maintenance required. 

vs. threading

  • Same contraindications should apply as with waxing.

  • Most painful of all 3 methods.

  • Skin can be cut by the thread.

  • Brows can easily be over threaded, resulting in a thinner brow than desired.

  • Can require assistance from you - the client - in holding firmly the area to be threaded.

  • Can irritate sensitive skin due to it's exfoliation effect on the skin. 

Anyone can tweeze, but it takes a certain knowledge and skill to shape the perfect brow. We have been specially trained on ideal brow design from celebrity brow design artist Pamela from EverydayEsthetics. Take a look at her bio!